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Palm OS port of Duke Nukem 3D. This port is based on the work of JonoF. "Duke Nukem" is a registered trademark of Apogee Software, Ltd. (a.k.a. 3D Realms). "Duke Nukem 3D" copyright 1996 - 2003 3D Realms.  All trademarks and copyrights reserved.
Check it Out 1:
You can see JonoF playing Duke3D on his Tungsten T here.
Check it Out 2: Duke3D won the Zodiac France Contest 2006.

Download the executable and unpack the .zip file. Place the .prc into /Palm/Launcher of your memory card. Place the .zdk into /Palm/Programs/Duke3D of your memory card. Now you need files from the original Duke Nukem 3D game. You can also use the files from the demo version. Place the .con files, the .rts files and the .grp files into /Palm/Programs/Duke3D of your memory card.

Duke3D can load custom games:

If you have game modifications and want to select them into the main menu:

1. You need for each game modification a .duk file. The .duk file is a text
   file containing 2 lines:
   CON=.con file name
   GRP=.grp fiel name

   for instance for the Penthouse Paradise modification:

2. Put the .duk file and all the necessary data files in the /PALM/Programs/Duke3D
   folder on your memory card.

3. Default game will load the GAME.CON and the DUKE3D.GRP

Be aware set the game needs to cache the content of the files. If it runs out of
cache space it will give you a message and crash. All what will help is more free
dynamic memory. Maybe there will be fix later for this.

If you like to play custom maps, just put them into the main Duke3D directory and select them inside the game: "New Game -> User Map"

Please use it on your own risk. You may encounter bugs or crashes. I'm not responsible for anything. If you like, you can email me bug reports or feature requests. Please see the included "changes.txt" file for version history.

  • Version 1.9f
  • supports different resolutions (on Zodiac also with HW-scaling)
  • needs Palm OS 5.x (an ARM processor), 4 MB DBCache or storage memory and around 7MB of dynamic memory
  • adjustable button layout
  • Conversions and Custom Maps
  • Multiplayer: 2 Palm OS Devices per Bluetooth or FakeMP against up to 8 computer-controlled Bots
  • sound and music (needs timidity)
  • WAVE file support (used in some TCs)
  • cheats work: press one of the two on-screen buttons in the middle to open the console
  • Stylus-controlled view (enable in "Ctrls": Stylus (-) or Stylus (+))
  • Treo keyboard support (still needs UDMH to run)
Last Update:
  • MP does work with all custom levels (raised some limits)
  • preview image fixed with save games
  • file date/time displayed with load games
  • Treo 700p, 680 support
  • analog controls on Zodiac (needs DevAccess at the moment)


Source (still from 1.7)

Screenshot and Video

(Many thanks to Thomas (Gojira) Nosutta from Berlin, Germany for making this takes.)


Custom Maps and Total Conversions for Duke3D as well as a lot of infos and help
Forum at Emuboards (english)

Help to Modifications (Total Conversions)

This is a short description how-to add total conversions to the game, when you haven't got a .grp file. We use the great Startship Troopers Total Conversion (short SST) as example:

SST comes as an archive and contains an installer executable for DOS and Windows. We need the single files, which are creeated during the installation. First, we create a fresh folder with the original Duke3D and install SST into it. Now we got a lot of new files which we want to combine into a sst.grp file. Therefore, we need the program Kgroup.exe. The next is to copy everything which shall end into the sst.grp into a new directory. These files are: *.wav, *.art, *.anm, *.wmf, *.bin, *.dat and *.sst

We call Kgroup.exe from the command prompt like this:
c:\Kgroup.exe sst.grp *.*

Now we rename GAME.CON into SSTGAME.CON to prevent a problem with the original file and create our Starship.duk, with an entry for SSTGAME.CON and SST.GRP.

The files SSTGAME.CON, SST.GRP and Starship.duk are copied into the Duke3D directory on your memory card and we are done.

If you like you can download here the converted files. Thanx to Robert G. Stever (hawkeyefile) for doing it.

Help to Custom Maps (Levels)

Download the Map and copy it into the Duke3D-Folder on your card. Start the game and select "User Maps" after hitting "New Game". Now you should see the .map files in your Duke3D-Folder on the card.
Custom Maps are available (for instance) here or for multiplayer game (FakeMP or real MP) here.