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Palm OS port of the well-known Amiga emulator E-UAE. MyUAE is the first running amiga emulator on Palm OS, based on E-UAE 0.8.27.

Download the executable and unpack the .zip file. Place the .prc into /Palm/Launcher of your memory card. Place the .zdk into /Palm/Programs/MyUAE of your memory card. Now you need files from the original Commodore Amiga. You need the kickstart file (.rom) and the disk files (.adf). Put all these files into /Palm/Programs/MyUAE of your memory card.

Please use it on your own risk. You may encounter bugs or crashes. I'm not responsible for anything. If you like, you can email me bug reports or feature requests.

  • supports different resolutions
  • needs Palm OS 5.x (an ARM processor) and a lot of dynamic memory
  • tested successfully on Tungsten T3, Zodiac 1 and 2
  • virtual keyboard, mouse and joystick support
  • save and restore
  • configurable
  • robust
  • sound, but a bit jerky at the moment
  • only m68k at the moment




Zeewolf1 Settlers F29
North & South Lemmings Overlander
Stunt Car Racer Colonization Wings