Collection of free and shareware tools for Palm OS (Treo and other devices)

BTOn / BTOff     (Treo 650 or better, any Palm OS devices with BTToggle)

PhoneDisconnect     (Treo 600 or better)

  • Plays a tune when the other side of a call hangs up the call
  • Signals missed calls and SMS using the LED, switch on or off your Treo to set back the LED
  • aucustical reminder for missed calls and SMS (needs registration)
  • Download: PhoneDisconnect.prc - PhoneDisconnect.zip

PowerControl     (Treo 600 or better, any Palm OS device)

2LaunchMe     (Treo 600 or better)

  • Launches applications on hotkeys (Treo, needs registration)
  • Displays the command bar using the key sequence: options/menu (Treo)
  • Download: 2LaunchMe.prc - 2LaunchMe.zip

DisplayManager     (any Hires+ device)

  • Set state of input area and screen rotation for every application
  • Open/close input area, hide status bar using 5-way nav
  • Maps the shoulder (trigger) buttons on Zodiac to page up/down (Zodiac)
  • Download: DisplayManager.prc - DisplayManager.zip

NetworkDown     (Treo 600 or better, any Palm OS device)