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The first real PDF Viewer for all Palm OS 5.x devices. PDFmob is a port based on Xpdf (copyright 1996-2005 Glyph & Cog, LLC). Please have a look into the ReadMe_PalmOS.txt file to see the changes between the different versions. Check the ToDo.txt file to see what's planed for the future.
During development great importance was attached to stability. If you find an error please don't hesitate to contact me. I will try to remove it in the next release. Nevertheless, if you like PDFmob, it would be great if you support my work with a donation. Contact

  • Native PDF on almost every Palm OS 5 device
  • File Browser to pick up your PDF file from anywhere on your card
  • Handles received PDF files from EMail, Bluetooth or WWW
  • Very small on-device memory footprint by moving the renderer to the card
  • "Find" support in your PDF files
  • Scratchpad and personal bookmarks
  • Support for links inside the PDF
  • Support for custom skins
  • Presentation mode for PDA based overhead presentations
  • On-device conversion of your PDF files to plain text
  • Easy to use, fast and free!!!
  • Compatible with RescoExplorer, ZLauncher and MobiSystems OfficeSuite
  • network printing, page save, page send as Jpeg
  • reflow mode (text-only reformatted text display) for better view-ability on small screens

Screenshot       Screenshot

  • Outside USA: Download and unpack the archive PDFmob
  • Outside USA: Alternative: Download just the .prc
  • USA: Version 1.5 without the patented hinting algorithm: .prc
  • Install PDFmob.prc into the main memory of your device
  • Automatic install:
    • Run it ones, and it will install itself
  • Manual install:
    • Copy the folder "PDFmob" to your memory card into "/PALM/Programs/"
    • Copy the PDF-files in the folder "/PALM/Programs/PDFmob"
  • PDFmob will take around 1.3 MB on your device, you can move the rendering engine to your external card, PDFmob will then only take around 50 kB on your device
  • Start PDFmob, choose your PDF and press "Show"
  • Use the 5-way keys for navigation, use the other keys for zooming, rotation and quit
  • Attention: If your device supports landscape, please rotate it into landscape mode in the file select window, means before you open the PDF. You can rotate the view inside the Viewer but you will not receive the same experience.
  • Alternative download possibility at PalmGear or mytreo.net


1.5 (11/01/06 "Halloween update")
- added: enabled bytecode interpreter in freetype lib (thx to Theo)
- added: links to other PDFs in content list allowed (also bugfixed)
- added: mouse pointers for link, move, mark and zoom
- added: support for history of viewed pages
- added: links are always underlined
- bugfix: link detecting
- note: there seems to be a problem with SkinUI, Mark and Zoom doesn't really work. Please disable SkinUI (Popup List) for PDFmob.


Download the skin maker and create your own skins for PDFmob. You will need a PC running MS Windows for the skin maker.
Here are the first custom skins (click on the images to download):

2 Skins from a German Skin contest at Nexave.de
Christian Eberhardt download
Elmar Lackner download

Other skins
Brian Sachs download
Theo download

Attention: The skins might look even better on your device. Send me your skin and I will include it here.


  • Spanish translation from Félix Díaz (palmípedo) can be found here.

Something about memory on PalmOS:

On-device memory in Palm OS is devided into two parts: dynamic memory and storage memory. They are sometimes called dynamic heap and storage heap.

Dynamic memory: Is actually memory in which the processor can read and write without any restriction and which is used for temporarly buffers. One can compare it with the main memory on a desktop system. It is unfortunately always limited. There are hacks which allow you to grow it: FHR (Fargo Heap Resizer) or UDMH (Unlimited Dynamic Memory Hack).

FHR only runs on some older Devices and can only add a small amount of additional memory. But it adds formerly unused memory and is therefore very safe to use.

UDMH allows you to use the whole storage memory as dynamic memory. This can be dangerous in some situations as all your databases are unprotected. But it allows you to get quite a large amount of dynamic memory.

Storage memory: Is actually memory which is write protected by the MMU. Applications can't just write to it. They have to use special OS functions, which also check the data integrity. One can compare it a bit with the storage space on the harddisk of a desktop system.

The OS launcher reports the size of storage memory and deleting apps on the device frees storage memory not dynamic memory.

Applications like PDFmob needs a lot of dynamic memory, therefore the size of free dynamic memory is reported in PDFmob.

Previous versions:

PDFmob 1.1 + Source
PDFmob 0.8 + Source


An English speaking forum for help can be found at www.1src.com. Additional there is a mailing list at PDFmob@metaviewsoft.de


PDFmob + Type1Lib + FreeTypeLib


More dynamic memory on Tungsten T, Tungsten T2 and Zire 71? FHR is the tool.