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Palm OS port of Doom. This port is based on the work of yoyofr. "Doom" is a registered trademark of ID Software, Ltd.

Download the executable and unpack the .zip file. Place the .prc into /Palm/Launcher of your memory card. Place the .zdk into /Palm/Programs/ZDoomZ of your memory card. Now you need files from the original Doom 1 or 2. You can also use the files from the demo version. Place the .wad files into /Palm/Programs/ZDoomZ of your memory card.

Please use it on your own risk. You may encounter bugs or crashes. I'm not responsible for anything. If you like, you can email me bug reports or feature requests. Please see the included "changes.txt" file for version history.

  • Version 2.1
  • based on yoyofr's version 1.2
  • needs Palm OS 5.x (an ARM processor) and around 3MB of dynamic memory
  • adjustable button layout
  • Treo keyboard support
  • support for IR keyboards and BT gamepads
  • rumble support on Zodiac and Treo
  • multiplayer support over BT or TCP/IP (internet)
What's new?
  • [NEW] Treo-enhancements also for current Treo devices
  • crash fixed when configure IR keyboard, Look-key doesn't work
  • music isn't stored as tmp.mid anymore, should speed up the music changes and you could use your own mid-files


Executable (This is what you need)
Source Code (You probably don't need this)




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