2PlayMe v4.0

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Once upon a time there was an alarm clock ...

In the beginning 2PlayMe was developed as ordinary alarm clock. One could define alarms and play time-triggered music.
Nowadays this idea is enhanced. In version 3 you have the choice among a lot of time-triggered actions:

• normal alarms and MIDI-alarms
• alarms defined as countdown
• playing of music using AeroPlayer, RealPlayer, PocketTunes or SonyAudioPlayer
• start any other installed application
• special functions, as:

· Switch on/off the device
· Control the display's brightness
· start an hotsync
· do a softreset
· start or stop WiFi *
· start or stop the GSM-Modul (Telefon) (with automatically PIN entering) **
· restart the GSM-Modul (Telefon) after a reset (with automatically PIN entering) **
· start or stop Bluetooth ***
· switch on/off sound
· select the default network connection on a daily schedule
· sync device time with internet
· send a SMS

You can download the evaluation version of 2PlayMe (not time limited) here and also, if you like it, purchase the full version (with up to 100 possible alarm entries). See here the list of features (from v3.5).

2PlayMe runs on any PalmOS PDA with OS 4.1 or better.

Do you want to customize 2PlayMe? Download a couple of background databases. Many thanx for these very nice backgrounds and the never ending suggestions goes to carafaja.

* only with Palm T|X or Palm LifeDrive
** only with Palm Treo 650
*** only in connection with BtToggle