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  • Are you looking for the newest update (1.5) of PDFmob? Try here.
  • LJP (1.0rc7) with enhanced stability, support for Treo keyboard, Bluetooth Gamepad and Infrared Keyboard? .zip or .tar.gz The source code is released here. More infos about this release can be found on my Blog. If you like this new LJP version and want show me your gratitude, don't hesitate to donate a small amount (US-$ 10) using this button:
  • 2LaunchMe 1.5 now also supports the SubLaunch-Feature on Treo-Smartphones. 2LaunchMe is a great HotKey-Application-Launcher and gives access to the commandBar on a Treo. Download and registration at palmgear.com.
  • Play real MIDI-files on your Palm? Use MIDI-files as Alarm tune with 2PlayMe?
    Timidity is the solution: Engine and Instrument-set1 (30 MB) or Instrument-set2 (14 MB). (Update: Also on TX and Treo now)
    Timidity source can be found here.
  • Palm TX compatible version of Power48? Please click here.
  • WarDriving on Palm with BT? Discovery enhancement here.
  • IP2Email: Windows app to automatically send your IP address to an email address.
  • Windows service to redirect traffic on port 9100 to a certain printer here. Update: RawPrintServer is now hosted on SourceForge.com: http://rawprintserver.sf.net
  • ReDate: Small command line tool (for use under Windows) to recursively give files and folders a new date.

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