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2Cool4U is a new kind of contact app.

It presents you a list of your contacts. You can scroll this list by a wipe with your thumb. When you lift the thumb, the list will slowly decelerate. It brings a total new feeling of browsing your contact list.

If you have a picture assigned to your contact, it will be shown on the right site.

To make a fast call, tap on the name/company entry. To select the phone number to call, send an email, open the assigned webpage or open the contact in the standard contact application, tap on the picture on the right.

Move the list to the left to access the call log. Open the menu and adjust the settings and colors to your need.

2Cool4U uses the pnoJpegLib which is Copyright (C) 2004, Stefan Stolz Based on the work auf Yves Piguet and the Independent JPEG Group

Download 2Cool4U 1.0 (2008/04/24) as .zip (includes the correct pnojpegLib.prc) or .prc

If you like to use 2Cool4U regulary you need to register to receive your private registration code. The registration code is tight to your Hotsync User-ID which is displayed in 2Cool4U's registration screen. Wenn Sie 2Cool4U regelmäßig nutzen möchten, müssen Sie es registrieren, um Ihren persönlichen Freischaltcode zu bekommen. Der Freischaltcode ist an den Hotsync-Nutzernamen gebunden, der Ihnen im Registrierfenster von 2Cool4U angezeigt wird.

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    Thank you all very much.